Virtual corporate network with guaranteed security and speed

Take advantage of corporate security when transferring data between remote business locations with guaranteed levels of quality and speed provided by our IP VPN services.

Features and benefits

Efficient and flexible configurations

IP VPN (Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network) is a virtual private network based on IP protocol.

IP VPN service is an effective data transmission solution with guaranteed security between remote business locations of the customer, connecting them in a single virtual corporate network. The service provides centralized access to corporate resources, including internet access, files exchange and access to shared information systems.

We use a wide variety of access technologies and traffic speeds in the configuration of customer solutions, providing you with the flexibility and scalability best suited to your needs.

Guaranteed levels of operation and support

Services are provided with guaranteed levels of operation and support.

24/7 support and helpdesk

Vestitel provides 24/7 service support and customer care.


  • Virtual corporate network

  • Fast and secure data transfer between remote business locations

  • Centralized access to corporate resources (internet, files exchange, shared systems)

  • Guaranteed levels of operation and support

  • 24/7 support and helpdesk

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