Always-on, secure and reliable

Vestitel's broadband internet services provide always-on, secure and reliable internet connectivity best suited for small business locations and remote end users.

Features and benefits

Fiber optic broadband internet with speeds up to 1000 Mbps

We provide high quality fiber optic broadband internet services with a reliable, secure and permanent connection. The services are offered with standardized service plans as described below or as individual solutions best suited to your needs and requirements.

HOME Basic 5050 MbpsBGN 19,00
HOME Standard 100100 MbpsBGN 29,00
HOME Premium 500500 MbpsBGN 45,00
BIZ Basic 10050 MbpsBGN 49,00
BIZ Standard 200200 MbpsBGN 99,00
BIZ Premium 10001000 MbpsBGN 249,00


  • Symmetrical download and upload speed

  • Flat speed to local and international websites

  • Unlimited traffic

  • Maximum achievable speed advertised

  • PREMIUM services include free Wi-Fi router

  • You can buy a router from Vestitel or use your own

  • HOME services are provided to private customers and include 1 permanent private IP address

  • BIZ services are provided to business customers and include 1 permanent public IP address

  • Additional IP address is paid at a price of BGN 10 per month without VAT

  • Free installation within 5 working days

  • 24/7 support and helpdesk

  • Prices include VAT and are valid with a 24-month contract

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