Въпроси и отговори

Is it possible to make a pre-payment and are there any discounts for that?

For pre-payment of 12 months ... you get 13 and 14 month

For pre-payment of 8 months ... you get 9 month

Can I receive electronic invoices?

In order to receive electronic invoices, you need to send your names or the names of an authorized representative of your company and an e-mail address. Please send the information to: sales@vestitel.bg

What is the size restriction of the files I can send by e-mail?

The restriction of the size of the file is defined by the maximum size of your e-mail account, which is 15 MB.

What are the payment options for the used services?

Your can pay at a pay-desk in the demo-centers of Vestitel BG (check contacts), through epay.bg, through the system of iCard.bg and a via bank transfer. You can find a detailed information about payment options on "terms of payment" page.

23 Jan'14

New Telecommunications network interconnecting Greece and Bulgaria

VESTITEL announces the commencement of construction works for the new Fiber Optic network, between Greece and Bulgaria. This network is expected to be ready for use in approximately 5 months and will interconnect Sofia to Thessaloniki and Athens.

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