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V oicing the new generation of telecom services - voice.sata.video delivered through:

E ntirety of customer service and 24 hour support of provided services

S ecurity and stability of communication, guaranteed by optical network access

T elecommunication variety of services, thanks to broadband technology

I nnovation and support of high level products for the home, the business and telecom operators

T iming, care and responsibility towards users and urge to satisfy their needs

E fficacy of the offered solutions, generated by the company professional team

L oyalty, mutual trust and long term relations with the partners

23 Jan'14

New Telecommunications network interconnecting Greece and Bulgaria

VESTITEL announces the commencement of construction works for the new Fiber Optic network, between Greece and Bulgaria. This network is expected to be ready for use in approximately 5 months and will interconnect Sofia to Thessaloniki and Athens.

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